The Chronicle: Entrepreneurs ready to Ignite Durham


By Sean Sutcliffe

Entrepreneurs of Durham are gearing up for the second annual Ignite Durham competition hosted by the Spark Centre.

Spark Centre is an innovative company with the vision of creating a ‘thriving entrepreneurial community that embraces technology to compete in the global business world’. Ignite Durham is a competition created to help expand their vision.

The event consists of three categories Young, Student and General Entrepreneur. Students have the opportunity to win $5,000 while contestants in the young and general categories can win $25,000 each.

The competition ignited September 22nd with events called ‘pitch schools’ where contestants got help from advisers with preparation of their pitches before they present in front of a panel of judges.

It’s a great panel, you are going to have to know your stuff,” said Dennis Croft, Executive Director of Spark Centre.

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