Terms & Conditions for the Spark Centre and Beijing Future Science Park Categories
The Ignite Competition (“Ignite”) is organized by Spark Commercialization and Innovation Centre (the “Spark Centre”), in consultation with a number of community partners and sponsors (“the Organizers”). Participation in Ignite is subject to the following terms and conditions. The submission of an application to participate in Ignite (an “Application”) constitutes acceptance by the Applicant(s) of the terms, conditions and provisions set out below.

Eligible applicants must be Canadian citizens living in Ontario. Applicants must also be business owners in the Regional Municipality of Durham, OR be business owners outside of Durham that agree to enter into a minimum six month contract to co-locate at Spark’s office and participate as a Spark Centre client. Corporations with annual sales of over $1 million or which have been in operation for over 5 years are not eligible to apply. Applicants must fit the Organizer’s definition of an “Innovation Enterprise”; which means a corporation, partnership or proprietor that is focused on developing an innovative product or service using technology that is unique and scalable and/or advancing novel or innovative commercial processes. Applicants certify that; 1) the above eligibility criteria have been met, and 2) the technology, invention or process is their own work and that they have the sole right to submit it to the Organizers. Previous winners, or the principals and/or shareholders of previous winners of Ignite are not eligible for entry.

Application Process
Applications for the Spark Centre category must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) on September 28th, 2018 using the following online form.
Applications will only be processed through the Spark Centre online application process (“Online Application”). Applicants must submit a 3 minute video link with their application. Spark Centre reserves the right to void or not accept any application. Spark Centre reserves the right to move applicants to a different Ignite category based on assessment of application form.
Applicants may be contacted by telephone or email at the option of the Organizers. Up to three (3) attempts will be made to contact the Applicants.

The Organizers accept no liability for incorrect or incomplete contact information provided to it. If an Applicant cannot be contacted in the manner described above or fails to respond in a timely manner, their Application will receive no further consideration by the Organizers.

Applicants will be notified of acceptance prior to commencement of Ignite.
The Organizers assume no responsibility for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network, telephone lines, computer online systems, servers, access providers, computer equipment, software, or the failure of any application to be received by the Organizers on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on the internet or at any website, or any combination thereof.
Applicants warrant that they are not and will not be violating any contract or third party rights including any patent, copyright, trade secret, proprietary or confidential information, trademark, publicity or privacy right. Additionally, the Applicant must warrant that they are not currently the subject of litigation before a court, tribunal, government board or agency, or that there is a threat of such litigation.

Application Fee
Applications to the Spark Centre category of Ignite are subject to an application fee of $25.00 CDN plus applicable taxes and fees. NO REFUNDS will be provided for applicants who are not selected to participate in Ignite, and NO REFUNDS will be provided for applicants who choose to withdraw/cancel their application.

Release and Waiver
By submitting an Application to Ignite, each applicant releases and holds harmless the Organizers, their affiliates and subsidiaries, advertising and promotional agencies, any committee members or Selection Committee members (as defined in these Terms and Conditions) appointed by them, and in each case their respective directors, officers, owners, employees, agents, representatives, successors and assigns, from any and all liability in connection with Ignite or resulting from participation in Ignite or the acceptance, possession or use of any grant, including, without limitation, infringement of intellectual property rights, personal injury, death, and property damage, and claims based on publicity rights, defamation, or invasion of privacy.
By submitting an Application, the applicant grants the Organizers the right to use his/her name, address, likeness, photograph, information about their Application, and statements in advertising and for other promotional or publicity purposes without further compensation.

Applications accepted to participate in the Ignite will be referred to as “Participants” for the Ignite program. Applications will not be returned after submission.

Ignite Selection & Participation Process
Participants agree to be automatically registered as a client of the Spark Centre, if deemed a fit, and agree to the standard client terms of the Spark Centre found here. Spark’s Client Services staff will follow through with participants in becoming a client.

The Ignite competition will be judged by a committee, selected by the Spark Centre, in its sole and absolute discretion, which will consist of entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and others deemed fit by the Organizers (the “Selection Committee”). All decisions made by the Selection Committee and/or Spark Centre are final, except that the Organizers maintain the right to disqualify any Application that has been deemed to have violated these Terms and Conditions, or the spirit of Ignite.

Grants of cash and in-kind services will be administered by the Organizers. The amount and distribution of any cash and in-kind services will be determined by the Selection Committee. Any grant amounts will be distributed within 2 months of winning the competition, subject to due diligence. While Participants may be eligible to receive all or part of the grants available, it is not guaranteed that the Selection Committee will make a grant to any Participant.
Grants awards are subject to due diligence by Spark Centre, which may include, but is not limited to, the review of corporate or legal documents, accounting records, or any other material requested from Applicants by the Organizers.
The grant of any in-kind services will be provided to Participants “as is” and without any additional or further representation or warranty of any kind.

No interest will be paid on any cash prizes.
The Organizers and Selection Committee accept no liability whatsoever with respect to any Applicants participation in Ignite or the awarding or use of any prize, including economic damages or injury to property and lost profits, regardless of whether Spark Centre shall be advised shall have other reason to know or in fact know of the possibility of the foregoing.

Disclosure and Ownership of Intellectual Property
All Applicants and Participants will retain ownership of all subsisting intellectual property rights in the subject matter of their Applications. However, participants are cautioned that intellectual property rights, including patentable inventions and industrial designs, may be compromised by public disclosure.
Submission of an Application and participation in Ignite should be considered a public disclosure. Applicants should not assume any right of confidentiality in any data or information discussed, divulged, or presented in their Application or during the selection process. The Organizers or any other persons involved in Ignite will not be asked to sign any non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements.

Applicants and Participants acknowledge that it is their responsibility to take steps prior to submitting an Application to preserve their intellectual property rights in any subject matter contained therein.

Publishing and Promotion
The Spark Centre reserve the right to publish information about the Applicants and their work, in publications or online, and to release information to the media, which may include radio, television, print media, and the Internet.
Any photographs or film footage or other media captured during the evaluation process will be the property of the Organizers and may be used by the Organizers, in their sole and absolute discretion, in any manner they see fit.

Spark Centre Client & Co-location
Winners of the Spark Centre category must commit to a 6 month term at Spark Centre, which includes full-time co-location at Spark Centre for the duration of the program. A Memorandum of Understanding outlining the relationship between the Participant and the Spark Centre and a lease agreement must be signed before any grant of funds will be disbursed. Winners will be required to participate in revelvant programming deemed necessary by Spark Centre, which includes the appointment of a Spark Centre executive to client’s advisory board. Space will be provided free of charge by Spark for this initial period. Winners (or their representatives) are also required to be present at the celebratory culmination of Ignite, to receive the award.

All participants agree to be available to attend any Ignite event for which they are selected. Participants that do not attend events will be subject to automatic disqualification.

The Organizers reserve the right to suspend, delay or cancel Ignite or to modify these terms and conditions for any reason or as required by applicable law.

Applicants agree that they will not use the name of “Spark Commercialization and Innovation Centre”, “Spark Centre”, “Ignite Competition”, “Northumberland Business Development Assistance Corp.”, or any variation, adaptation, or abbreviation thereof, or any trademark owned by Spark Centre in any advertising or publicity without the prior written permission of Spark Centre.
These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Ontario.