Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is looking for passionate, hard-working entrepreneurs and innovators who want to make an impact in the energy industry and collaborate with them! This competition is geared towards start-ups and scale-ups, undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty projects in Canada that have an original technology application in the early-stage. The product or service should provide a solution to a problem within the scope of OPG, especially the scope of their Inspection & Maintenance, Darlington Refurbishment Environment, or Electrification Development departments.


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Inspection & Maintenance:

Part of Ontario Power Generation’s job is to provide inspection, maintenance, and innovative services for the energy sector worldwide. Our clients include nuclear, hydroelectric and thermal/geothermal electric utilities. We are looking to work alongside entrepreneurs, innovators, and start-ups to drive improvements to safety, efficiency, and the effectiveness of inspections and maintenance in the energy sector. This year, the challenge will be directed toward more specific problems that OPG workgroups have experienced during inspection and maintenance campaigns. You can find these challenges above by clicking on the IRI logo. A solution that is both feasible and offers operation improvements is what OPG is looking for, and as with the rest of OPG, safety is our overriding priority.

Environment & Electrification Development:

Everyday, innovators around the world are creating new clean technologies that help reduce our environmental impact while making business activities more sustainable, both fiscally and environmentally. These diverse technologies can be game changers having positive impacts on the environment in many ways, from energy efficiency to pollution reduction and even environmental protection, as well as transportation and industrial electrification. OPG’s Environment and Electrification Development divisions support the rest of OPG in planning and executing projects with environmental stewardship in mind, as well as finding innovative ways to eliminate and replace GHG-emitting processes through electrification. Our mission is to achieve environmental performance excellence and stewardship by providing leadership and support to OPG through our business unit partnerships, fostering innovation and creative ideas for environmental performance of energy utilities. OPG would like to collaborate with external innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses to share their most innovative ideas for how we can be game changers in applying clean technologies to improve OPG’s operations. We are looking for clean and electrification technologies that are ready to deploy, and have a significant environmental and financial impact. Our areas of focus include reducing emissions, transportation and industrial electrification, energy efficiencies, and the reduction of spills and emissions.


Ontario Power Generation’s Darlington Nuclear Generating Station is one of Ontario’s most important assets. Since the early 1990s, Darlington has been producing about 20% of the province’s electricity. After years of reliable generation, Darlington now requires a mid-life refurbishment. Refurbishing Darlington will provide 30 more years of safe, clean, reliable baseload power with virtually no greenhouse gas emissions. With a completion timeline spanning 17 years – from 2010 when the project was approved, all the way to 2026 when the Refurbishment is expected to be finished, the Darlington Refurbishment Project is an extraordinary infrastructure project that has to be done right. We are looking for passionate, hard-working entrepreneurs, start-ups and innovators who want to make an impact in the energy industry and collaborate with the Darlington Refurbishment Project Team. Specifically, we are looking for ideas that will ensure safe work practices and improve the Refurbishment process in general. Examples of this include: tooling innovations, Radiation Personal Protective Equipment, automated guided vehicles, reporting tools, data analysis tools, Internet of Things, and advanced construction techniques.