FAQs for OPG Ignite Categories

Why is OPG running a pitch competition?
OPG is running a pitch competition in order to work alongside entrepreneurs, innovators, and start-ups to drive improvements to safety, efficiency, and the effectiveness of inspections and maintenance in the energy sector worldwide. The competition will be targeted towards three OPG categories: Inspection and Reactor Innovation (IRI), Environment, and Darlington Refurbishment.

What are the benefits of applying to this category?
The winner of this pitch competition will not only receive $25,000 in seed funding to grow their idea/company, but will also collaborate with the respective division of OPG to further develop their innovation. There are three winners, one for each category. The teams who do not win will still receive significant experience through our pitch school and networking opportunities throughout the process.

What expertise does IRI provide?
IRI has expertise in engineering and technology development, project management, testing resources and capabilities, regulatory experience and business development.

What services does IRI provide?
IRI provides services in Non-destructive examination (NDE) including ultrasonic and eddy current testing, automation & robotics, laser-scanning & mapping technologies, concrete & rebar inspections, radiography & x-ray testing, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and underwater inspections.

What expertise does Environment provide?
OPG Environment has expertise in environmental impacts of various operations in the energy sector. They provide experience in the areas of water table impacts from hydroelectric operations, spills and contaminants, and tritium and C-14 emissions.

What services does Environment provide?
OPG Environment provides services that assist the rest of Ontario Power Generation in minimizing the environmental impact of their operations. They work with other divisions to help them plan out projects, large and small, with environmental stewardship in mind.

What is Refurbishment? What is the goal of Refurbishment?
Refurbishment is a large undertaking of maintenance and component replacement of CANDU nuclear reactors and their critical systems to return them fit for service to the highest standard, extending the life of the reactors and guaranteeing clean baseload electricity for decades to come. Darlington Nuclear Generating station is currently underway with its refurbishment, with expected completion in 2026.

What category do I apply to?
Ontario Power Generation Categories – For innovators who want to make an impact in the energy industry and collaborate with OPG. This category is geared towards start-ups and scale-ups that have an original technology in the early-stage, that is, innovative and not an already existing product or service available for sale.

This year, there are 3 distinct challenges that OPG is looking for solutions to:
– Inspection and Maintenance
– Darlington Refurbishment
– Environment

More details on the specific challenges can be found at: ignitedurham.ca/opg

Applicants in all categories must be 18+

What do I win?
Ontario Power Generation Categories: The winners of each of the 3 OPG categories (Inspection and Maintenance, Darlington Refurbishment, and Environment) will receive an opportunity to collaborate with Ontario Power Generation in addition to $25,000 CDN of seed funding to further develop their idea.

All winnings are subject to Terms & Conditions.