FAQs for OPG Ignite Pitch Competition


Why is OPG running a pitch competition?

 OPG is running a pitch competition in order to work alongside entrepreneurs, innovators, and start-ups to drive improvements to safety, efficiency, and the effectiveness of inspections and maintenance in the energy sector worldwide. The competition will be targeted towards OPG’s Inspection and Reactor Innovation (IRI) Division, which specializes in inspections and maintenance.


What are the benefits of applying to this category?

The winner of this pitch competition will not only receive $25,000 in seed funding to grow their idea/company, but will also collaborate with OPG’s IRI division to further develop their innovation. The teams who do not win will still receive significant experience through our pitch school and networking opportunities throughout the process.


What expertise does IRI provide?

IRI has expertise in engineering and technology development, project management, testing resources and capabilities, regulatory experience and business development.


What services does IRI provide?

IRI provides services in Non-destructive examination (NDE) including ultrasonic and eddy current testing, automation & robotics, laser-scanning & mapping technologies, concrete & rebar inspections, radiography & x-ray testing, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and underwater inspections.