Pitch School in Session at Abilities Centre

Abilities Centre Logo

Pitch School kicks off tonight! For five evenings over the next two weeks, all Ignite applicants will gather together to hone their verbal pitching skills and learn to write a business summary that will impress our Power Panel–this is the only way to stay in the running to be one of our two Ignite Start-ups and enter our Boot Camp.

We’re delighted to be holding our classes at Abilities Centre in Whitby.  (Abilities Centre was also host to Spark’s Big Bang celebration in May 2012.)

Practically speaking, we needed a venue that could hold up to two hundred people with room for catering, presentations–and ample parking was a big bonus. The fresh, state-of-the-art design is sure to appeal to our crowd of budding entrepreneurs. Plus, Abilities Centre is an innovative enterprise itself, and Ignite is determined to shine a light on as many exciting community assets as possible.

“Abilities Centre recognizes the entrepreneurial spirit that exists in Durham,” says  Leo Plue, administrative director at Abilities Centre. “We are pleased to provide support for Spark Centre, which is recognizing and rewarding that spirit through their Ignite program. There is tremendous value for everyone in the region when we can grow and retain innovative and creative companies.”

Opening to the public in June 2012, Abilities Centre soon became recognized as a leader in accessible design. The centre uses key features to provide barrier-free navigation and access, including power doors and an all-encompassing way-finding signage.

The accessible elements of the centre are subtle in a spacious environment, so as to maximize efficiency and remain inclusive. While many features are integral for those experiencing a disability, it is not a requirement to access the centre.

Their services include a wide number of weekly classes and workshops that are available for members and visitors. With everything from group fitness classes, personal training, arts programs and life skills tutorials, there’s a lot to choose from.

As a fully accessible, state-of-the-art facility, they are changing the social fabric of society and the way in which they view the integration of people of all abilities.

Stay tuned to this blog for more on Ignite Pitch School as the week goes on!