Congratulations to The Final Five!

The road to the final two has begun! On February 4th, the top 30 Ignite companies gave their live pitch. After some serious board room deliberation by the Power Panel, the top five companies were announced.

Here are the five finalists:

Squabble Studios Ltd.

Squabble Studios: Matthew Stephan, Aaron DeChamplain, Eric Rosendale, Ian McCabe and Veronica Cole. Photo by Jason Chow.

Squabble Studios is a game development studio with a focus on serious games, simulations and training applications. We work with other companies and institutions to develop original games that meet needs across various domains.


The Mobile Experience Company (Mobile X Co.)

Peter Pinfold and Andy Bruce from Mobile X Co., with Power Panelist Bruce Croxon. Photo by Jason Chow.

As a context marketing company, we tackle the age-old problem that, “half the money spent on advertising is waste; the problem is, we don’t know which half.” By providing agencies and brands with tools to gain real-time insight into how marketing dollars perform across online and offline media channels, Mobile X Co makes calculating marketing ROI easy.


They Innovate

Jeff McLarty and Danilo Malanczyk from They Innovate. Photo by Jason Chow.

They Innovate Inc. develops solutions for consumer and commercial applications. They Innovate’s pilot solution is a fashionable way for anybody to secure any smartphone or tablet, to any clothing or surface.


With the explosion of complexity in today’s applications, managing the test cases and testing ideas needs to change and adapt. Element 34 will create a next-generation, cloud-based, test-case management system based on mind maps.


Moxie Retail Solutions Inc.

Martin Croteau from Spark and Joshua Tibando from Moxie Retail. Photo by Jason Chow.

The Moxie suite of services combines insights gathered from customer mapping, POS and loyalty data to create distinct communications and in-store environments that result in meaningful customer engagements.

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